First steps.

Two weeks into term two at Glasgow Dance Academy and we have been welcoming lots of new faces.  Many of which are taking their first steps in class for the first time.  It’s so important to establish sound technique from the very beginning of training.  This video struck a chord, resembling some of our new students trying to ‘find their feet’ and learn the basics of ballet…


New term, New uniforms for GDA

Summer is nearly over and that means its time to get back to Glasgow Dance Academy.  We have lots of exciting things lined up for our second term and are getting ready to welcome all our new students.

For this term we are joining our Tuesday classes to our Saturday venue.  All classes will be the same but everyone will be in one venue like a big happy family.

First of all we have selected our senior uniforms.  The link to all the uniforms is in the ‘frequently ask questions’ section on the website.  Just click ‘What do I wear?’ and the link to all uniform items is displayed.  This is also where you can find the Juniors uniform.  New students are not expected to purchase uniforms immediately, but after your first term we do encourage you to purchase the uniform as it allows students to be put forward for the exams we will be working towards, and is a compulsory element for examinations.  We are sticking with the GDA colours and have selected a red leotard, which is worn for ballet, jazz and tap.  All uniform can be purchased from  This is the best quality attire at the lowest price.

If you are unsure about anything please e-mail or call us to check.  It is important all students have exactly the same uniform so please check colours when ordering.  We have made it easy for you by putting everything you need directly below.  All you have to do it click and order.  All orders can be returned, so there is no need to worry if something doesn’t fit or is the wrong item.

We also have our own Glasgow Dance Academy hoodies and t-shirts available to order now.  Pictures and prices will be added this week, so keep your eyes peeled or ask about them at class.


JUNIORS (Ballet 9.30-10.15 and Jazz 10.15-11.00)

  • Leotard – Roch Valley in Plum – £11.95


  • Ballet Skirt – Rock Valley in Plum – £13.50


  • Ballet tights – Bloch in pink – £4.95

Code – TO850G

  • Ballet shoes – Sansha in Pink – £7.50

Code – 5AC

  • Ballet Cardigan – In Plum – £7.95

Code – P24

  • Boys are to wear plain white t-shirt and black jogging trousers

SENIORS (Jazz 11.00-11.45, Ballet 11.45-12.30, Tap 12.30-1.15)

  • Leotard – Plume in Fuchsia – £18.95

Code: P950

  • Ballet tights – Plume in Pink – £3.95

Code: P70

  • Ballet shoes – Bloch in Pink – £10.95

Code: SO277

  • Jazz tights – Plume in Black – £4.95

Code: P71

(Can also wear plain black leggings instead of tights)

  • Boys are to wear white t-shirt and black jogging trousers


Here is the Seniors leotard.  What do you think?


Seniors leotard GDA

seniors leotard GDA 2

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