Term 2: Progress Report

Baby Ballet and Modern

During this term in Baby Ballet the children have been improving on there mime skills and musicality to help create a more impactful performance. They have also been exploring dance skills and expressive movement, assisting them in becoming more graceful and coordinated. Their basic technique and core skills have greatly improved this term and we hope to see them further refine these skills next term.

Junior Ballet and Modern

We have been preparing the Juniors to sit their Pre-Primary ISTD examinations next term. They have been learning about exam technique to provide them with the opportunity of sitting the exam. They have been working on their exercises and choreographed pieces in Ballet and Modern. Both classes have been solidifying core skills such as basic technique and expression.

Pre-Intermediate Ballet and Modern

The Pre-Intermediates are also working towards sitting their Primary exam next term which consists of basic technique, rhythm and a choreographed dance. They are currently improving on core skills, such as step ball changes, runs, pliés and dégagés. They have also been learning basic rhythmic response to improve musicality.

Intermediate Ballet and Modern

Intermediates are to sit their Grade 1 exam in the new year. The ballet exam is composed of  barre – pliés, tendu; centre – port de bras; adage – arabesque; allegro – jetés, pas du chat; along with a choreographed dance. In Modern there is a focus on travel such as step ball change, turns and kicks along with a rhythm section where they mark and clap the assigned rhythm. This helps to develop their understanding of music and improve musicality.

Senior Ballet and Modern

The seniors are aiming to sit their Grade 4 examination next term. The ballet exam involves barre, centre, allegro, travel and a dance. They’re expected to know all exercises and french ballet terminology such as pliés, tendu, chassés, sautés, jetés, gallops and pas de chat in order to complete free work successfully in their exam. In Modern, the exercises focus on strengthening core, spine and hip loosening, leg exercises and isolation to test coordination and control. The students will also sit a rhythm section too and perform a choreographed dance piece.


In acro there is a focus on five sections: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. In flexibility we are working on our splits, needles and shoulder flexibility to assist in our tumbling and limbering. In limbering we are working on bridges with waves and retirés. In tumbling the girls are working on ariels, back walkovers and front walkovers.


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