My youngest daughter started ballet at GDA 9 months ago. From the start, she was very enthusiastic and found Hazel to be an experienced and nurturing teacher capable of injecting a sense of fun and spontaneity into her teaching whilst still ensuring delivery of the dance curriculum. My daughter continues to bounce out of bed every Saturday in anticipation of going to her ballet class and this, for me, is the most convincing evidence of GDA’s success! I now have all three of my daughters involved in learning with GDA and would recommend this company highly as it has inspired my children to maintain their interest and enthusiasm where other dance schools have not.

– Lucy Goodyear

After joining Glasgow Dance Academy in August last year I have noticed that Lily has come on leaps and bounds in terms of confidence and her ability to make new friends as she is generally quite a shy girl so I feel that GDA has definitely helped her come out of her shell. Lily comes home from class on a Saturday full of beans and enjoys telling me all about what she did over the course of the two classes that morning. Even if she isn’t feeling 100% she is desperate to get there, never wanting to miss out, which to me is a great reflection on the school and Hazel herself. I am really impressed with what Lily has achieved over the last 7 months having never had any dance experience and it was a real treat to see it all come together in the Christmas show last year. I really can’t recommend Glasgow Dance Academy highly enough.

– Lyndsey-Ann McGhee

Elsee has been going to the Glasgow Dance Academy since May 2015, and in that time I have seen her steadily grow in confidence. It is great to see how excited she is about her Saturday mornings, and how much she is enjoying her time at Glasgow dance. The school is exactly what I had been looking for, and It has helped my daughter gain a little understand about being part of something. This is an excellent school for young kids to start learning and developing new skills. From Elsee’s very first lesson, her teacher Hazel has always created a welcoming atmosphere. My overall feeling about Glasgow dance is that that they understand that the most important aspect of young children learning…… in that it needs to be fun.

– John Sloan